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Price Revision: Cusco Stabilizer & Power Brace ~July 1, 2021

Hello from the RHDJapan blog. We have received notification that there will be an increase in prices on select parts from Cusco starting from July 1 due to increasing prices on materials. Items that will be affected are Stabilizer / Sway bars in addition to the different Power Brace Bars.

The change for most affected items is largely in between the 10~20% range. In the meantime RHDJapan will be extending an additional 5% discount for those looking to lock in the required parts prior to the increase. The discount will apply to ALL items from Cusco in the following categories:
Arm Bars & Sway Bars
Chassis Bars & Power Braces

Items with the following part number layouts are affected:
Stabilizer Bars:
-Front (Part Number: ***-311-A**)
-Rear (Part Number: ***-311-B**)
Power Braces:
-Center Center (Part Number: ***-492-CC)
-Center Panel (Part Number: ***-492-CP)
-Cross Member (Part Number: ***-492-M)
-Engine Room (Part Number: ***-492-ER / ***-492-ERB)
-Floor Center / Center (Part Number: ***-492-C)
-Floor Front Center (Part Number: ***-492-FC)
-Floor Front Side (Part Number: ***-492-FS)
-Floor Rear Side (Part Number: ***-492-RS)
-Front (Part Number: ***-492-F)
-Front Center (Part Number: ***-492-FC / ***-492-FCN)
-Front Member Front (Part Number: ***-492-FMF)
-Front Member Rear (Part Number: ***-492-FMR)
-Front Member Rear (Part Number: ***-492-MS)
-Front Side (Part Number: ***-492-FS)
-Rear (Part Number: ***-492-R)
-Rear Bulk (Part Number: ***-492-RB)
-Rear Center (Part Number: ***-492-RC)
-Rear End (Part Number: ***-492-RE)
-Rear Lateral Stabilizer (Part Number: ***-492-RL)
-Rear Member (Part Number: ***-492-RM)
-Rear Member Side (Part Number: ***-492-RMS)
-Rear Side (Part Number: ***-492-RS)
-Seat Rail (Part Number: ***-492-SR)
-Seat Rail Plus (Part Number: ***-492-SP)
-Seat Rail Plus Front (Part Number: ***-492-SPF)
-Seat Rail Plus Rear (Part Number: ***-492-SPR)
-Trunk Bar Plus (Part Number: ***-492-TP)

Click image for full list, please use contact form or help desk to request items not listed.


New Release: HKS Super Cooling Gasket Kit RB26DETT

Hello from the RHDJapan blog. Lot's or new product development coming out of HKS in addition to the annual Big Power Campaign now in effect!
In addition to the Stopper Type and Grommet Type Head Gaskets HKS has developed the Super Cooling version of the Grommet Type Head Gasket providing for improved cooling efficiency on the cylinder head. Ideal for high tune and hard running circuit type application. Available in both 1.2mm and 1.6mm options.