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TEIN Coilover Campaign ~While Supplies Last

Welcome to the RHDJapan Blog. This will be our first new campaign for the month of October and we have a couple more great ones in the works, please stay tuned!

The Tokyo Sky Tree! 634 meters of massiveness!

We have been informed that TEIN will be discontinuing a couple of their flagship Coilovers series. Included in the discontinuation will be the Super Street, Super Wagon and Super Compact lineups. Once the current stock is sold out the lineup will end. RHDJapan will be extending an additional discount of 9% on the suspension until everything is sold out. This will be the biggest discount on these flagship lineups that we have ever been able to make available!! If interested please act quickly before current stock is completely sold out.

Super Street:

TEIN Super Street Coilover EP3 DC5
TEIN Super Street Coilover EP82 EP91 ZZT231
TEIN Super Street Coilover Evo I- IX Z16A 3000GT
TEIN Super Street Coilover FC3S SE3P NCEC
TEIN Super Street Coilover FD3S NA NB
TEIN Super Street Coilover GC8 GDA GDB
TEIN Super Street Coilover JZS SXE JZA JZZ JZX
TEIN Super Street Coilover NA1 CL DC EG EK EF BB
TEIN Super Street Coilover R32 R33 R34 Z32
TEIN Super Street Coilover S13 S14 S15
TEIN Super Street Coilover ST202 ST205
TEIN Super Street Coilover Subaru Impreza GRB GH8 Legacy BE5
TEIN Super Street Coilover SW20 ZZW30 ST185 ST202
TEIN Super Street Coilover w/o Uppers Mounts JZS SXE JZA JZZ JZX
TEIN Super Wagon Coilover Nissan Stagea NM35 PNM35
TEIN Super Wagon Coilover NZE121 ZZE123 Allex Runx

Super Wagon:

TEIN Super Wagon Coilover EA EC
TEIN Super Wagon Coilover Honda Odyssey RB1
Tein Super Wagon Damper Coilover WGNC34
TEIN Super Wagon Coilover Nissan Stagea NM35 PNM35
TEIN Super Wagon Coilover NZE121 ZZE123 Allex Runx

Up to date stock and other lineup information can be found at the links below. Please check availability prior to purchase and feel free to inquiry with us for available lineups that are not currently listed on the RHDJapan.com site.

Super Street
Super Wagon
Super Compact


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