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RE-Amemiya Hurricane7 WTAC Campaign ~Aug 13

RHDJapan is extremely proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the RE-Amemiya Hurricane7 in their voyage to Sydney for World Time Attack 2012!!

After several decades of being able to create some of the best looking and performing machines in the tuning world, RE-Amemiya has built some of the most legendary concept cars in the history of Tokyo Auto Salon and has proven their expert tuning ability in all forms of racing. Whether on display or at full throttle, RE-Amemiya has created some of the best automotive masterpieces, hands down.

click to see a portion of the dozens of the many masterpieces created by RE-Amemiya!

big salute to the legend 雨さん!

This is an immense honor as RE-Amemiya tuning, racing and design has been a personal favorite since first learning about engines and tuning.  With the wonders of the rotary engine and beauty of the RX-7 I soon found myself fascinating over the craftsmanship that RE-Amemiya was able to create. After going overseas for university and mingling with other Rotary enthusiasts I soon realized that the legend of RE-Amemiya was well known on the international scene as well. Although none of the machines had been seen in person and the parts were virtually impossible to get a hold of outside Japan Rotorheads were well aware of the Rotary Guru. Realizing that there was significant demand in the racing circles overseas the desire to make these parts available became overwhelming and it was back to Japan after university. Immediately  after starting up RHDJapan we put special emphasis on being able to work directly with RE-Amemiya and to help make these parts available to the rest of the world. Being able to work with a personal hero and supply these race-proven parts to Rotary enthusiasts has been a great pleasure and personal highlight in this industry.

After about a decade of helping to distribute RE-Amemiya products we have now been provided with the opportunity to help sponsor a legendary tuning shop in their trip overseas to battle it out with the world's top Time Attackers.

In celebration RHDJapan will be extending an additional discount of 7% on ALL RE-Amemiya parts until August 13!!

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