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Weekend Specials ~Nov 18

Welcome to the RHDJapan Blog and greetings from a chilly Japan.  Since releasing the new site we have been continually making improvement tweaks to it. It is now much faster than the old site and up to par with the functionality. In order to boost the speed and quality we will be getting in another member for the IT team. Soon we will have a site multiple times better than the old setup, stay posted!

one of the many symbols in Osaka Taiyo-no-To (Tower of the Sun) at Expo Park!
In this special batch of Weekend Specials RHDJapan will be offering an additional 6% off the following select manufacturers until 9:00am JST Nov 18
SPOON Sports




Additional Campaigns:

Project Mu Brake Pad Campaign ~Dec 16

APP Brake Pad, Line and Caliper Campaign ~Dec 20

APP HID Lighting Campaign ~Dec 20

SARD Catalyzer Campaign ~Dec 20

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