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Used OEM Parts Purchasing Tips

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. This listing is for the serious enthusiast looking to keep their aging JDM classic in top form for several more years.

The OEM manufacturers have continually been discontinuing parts, many of which are for vehicles manufactured prior to the mid-90's.  Despite the popularity of many of the vehicles manufactures normally start to discontinue replacement parts after about 25 years. Many OEM parts have no alternative and although there are many of these vehicles out there still there will be many others seeking these parts out as they become more and more difficult to find.

If you are looking to keep your vehicle running for a long time and know that you will need to replace some OEM items it would be ideal to start checking the auctions.

Tracking down active auction listings can be made in real-time using the bidjdm.com Advanced Search. Adding vehicle body information and selecting used parts tends to give a good qty of parts currently available.

After the search is complete there will be some suggested keywords. The word OEM is barely used, the most accurate way to would be to join the search with 純正.

As an extra helpful tip sorting the search results by bids: most first tends to show what is hot!





This will be Round 5 of the FREEBIES from the RHDJapan Blog. This special batch will be in celebration of the Motorsports season and the beginning of Spring. In addition, we have increased the quantity and quality of the FREEBIES in celebration of reaching the 20,000 fan base on the RHDJapan Facebook Page!

Many thanks to our long time supporters, those who have helped spread the word about RHDJapan and welcome to the many new enthusiasts as well.

As we are always striving to bring our customers the most value for money while also giving back to our many customers across the globe. Thank You!

Directions on how to get a FREEBIE included with your order:

1)Please share this blog on your Facebook wall.

2)Copy & Paste the title of the desired item below along with your currently processing order number to the thread on the 'Currently Available FREEBIES'  RHDJapan wall (will be updated daily, please scroll to most recent post)

Now, let the fun begin!!

FREEBIE #1 : Limited Edition TRUST Warning Meter Alarm Clock (4pcs available)

FREEBIE #2 : HKS Mechanic Gloves (1set available)

FREEBIE #3 : Nissan R35 DVD (4pcs available)

FREEBIE #4 : K1 Planning DRIFT KING ECO-Bag (1pc available)

FREEBIE #5 : Honda Twin-Cam Sticker & Patch Set (1set available)

FREEBIE #5 SARD T-Shirt Keychain & Sticker Set (3 sets available)

FREEBIE #6: Yashio Factory Sticker Set (1 pcs available)

FREEBIE #7 : SPOON Rigid Collar Tenugui (1pc available)

FREEBIE #8 : Bee-R 20th Anniversary Sticker Emblem (5 pcs available)

FREEBIE #9 : Dori-Sen Parts Tengoku (1pc available)

FREEBIE #10 : Tomei Fan (5 pcs available)

FREEBIE #11 : Carbing/OKUYAMA Sticker Set (5 sets available)

FREEBIE #13 : SARD Double sticker and Original SARD File (5 sets available)

FREEBIE #14 : URAS Thermo Mug (2 pcs available)

FREEBIE #15 : SARD Carbon-Look Keychain & Sticker Set (7 sets available)

FREEBIE #16 : APP Scarf Muffler Towel (2pcs available)

FREEBIE #17 : BLITZ Keychain (Bling-Type) (1pc available)

FREEBIE #18 : BLITZ Keychain (Dull-Type) (1pc available)

FREEBIE #19 : Top Secret Gold Dog Tag & Sticker Set (1 set available)

FREEBIE #20 : Top Secret Gun Metal Dog Tag & Sticker Set (1 set available)

FREEBIE #21 : Top Secret Smoky in Jail Keychain & Sticker Set (1 set available)

FREEBIE #22 : Nissan Logo Keychain (2pcs available)

FREEBIE #23 : ASIMO Mouse Pad (3pcs available)

FREEBIE #24 : Works Bell Sticker & Liquid Display Keychain (1set available)

FREEBIE #25 : NISSAN BNR34 Bayside Blue V-Spec II Scale Model (1pc available)

FREEBIE #26 : Nissan V36 Skyline Coupe Scale Model (1pc available)

FREEBIE #27 : Rotary Charity T-Shirt Large (1pc available)

FREEBIE #28 : HKS Cavalier use of the Hyphen T-Shirt Large (1pc available)

FREEBIE #29 : HKS Katakana T-Shirt Large (1pc available)

FREEBIE #30 : HKS Lancer Evolution T-Shirt Large (1pc available)

FREEBIE #31 : Super Now Jumbo Towel (2pcs available)

FREEBIE #32 : BIDJDM.com Special Credit (1 available)

*If the item is too large to fit within the box required for your order we will not be able to include the item for you.

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