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HKS Sports Turbine Kit EVOX CZ4A Campaign

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog spot. We have another great campaign to extend just for the Lancer Evolution X CZ4A crowd and possibly those with the 4B11 engine swap!

Get an additional 15% discount off our regular sale price on the HKS Sports Turbo Kits GTII 8262 KAI or GTII 7460 KAI
Only available while stock lasts!!

HKS GTII 7460 Kai


Tomei Fuel Pump & Meter Campaign ~Limited Stock

After a discontinuation for renewal of the Fuel Pressure Gauge Meter, the item has been re-released with an easier to read face.

Many fuel pumps are also on back order with other vendors. 

Enjoy a special additional 15% discount on the Fuel Pressure Gauge Meter when purchased in conjunction with any of the in stock fuel pumps. 

These items are available for immediate shipment with In Stock note in listing. 

FD3S 255l/h



255L/h Universal Type

Limited stock, available until In Stock icon is removed and/or discount coupon code is removed from listings.