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HKS Sports Turbine Kit EVOX CZ4A Campaign

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog spot. We have another great campaign to extend just for the Lancer Evolution X CZ4A crowd and possibly those with the 4B11 engine swap!

Get an additional 15% discount off our regular sale price on the HKS Sports Turbo Kits GTII 8262 KAI or GTII 7460 KAI
Only available while stock lasts!!

HKS GTII 7460 Kai


Endless Brake Rotor & Pad Set Summer Campaign ~Aug28

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan Blog. We are proud to announce another great campaign that will be ongoing for the whole summertime!

This is a special Summer campaign only available throughout the Summer of 2020 (expires ~Aug 28). During the campaign a significantly better overall SET price is available when purchased as a FULL SET or FRONT Set.

A great opportunity for those who are looking for a special deal on an all around refresh & upgrade on the braking system with best matching combination of brake rotors and pads! Available for select popular tuning machines, listed in standard rotor bell housing and option color silver and black.