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RHDJapan Freebies 2019 Round 8

Hello and Seasons Greetings! We are about to go on a Festive round of FREEBIES to close out the year. With the help of your support we have been able to collect quite a bit of different goods and products from a variety of great JDM Brands.
Round #8

J's Racing The X'Treme Honda Ride Sticker Set
Not just one but one for each side of the vehicle. A great stocking stuffer for those who maintain the symmetry with vehicle styling.

*Offers will require an order to be processed or a processing order
**Only one FREEBIE offer available per order


Last Call TODA Racing Revival Campaign ~Nov 29 8:30JST

Less than 24 hours left on the biggest additional discounts on TODA Racing! Superior discounts available on select items within the vehicles listed below:

Integra DC5

Integra DC2

Civic EP3

Accord CL7 

Civic FD2 Type-R

Civic EK9 Type-R

Civic EK4

Civic EG9

Civic EG6

Civic EF9

Mazda Roadster


Toda Racing Response Up Big Throttle Body Campaign ~Nov 30

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. With the changing of the seasons also comes new campaigns to finish off the last quarter of the year. Proud to introduce a campaign that will only be available with RHDJapan providing a great opportunity for some premium quality tuning parts from TODA Racing!

RHDJapan is extending an additional 10% discount on the whole lineup of Big Throttle Body from Toda Racing!