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Used OEM Parts Purchasing Tips

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. This listing is for the serious enthusiast looking to keep their aging JDM classic in top form for several more years.

The OEM manufacturers have continually been discontinuing parts, many of which are for vehicles manufactured prior to the mid-90's.  Despite the popularity of many of the vehicles manufactures normally start to discontinue replacement parts after about 25 years. Many OEM parts have no alternative and although there are many of these vehicles out there still there will be many others seeking these parts out as they become more and more difficult to find.

If you are looking to keep your vehicle running for a long time and know that you will need to replace some OEM items it would be ideal to start checking the auctions.

Tracking down active auction listings can be made in real-time using the bidjdm.com Advanced Search. Adding vehicle body information and selecting used parts tends to give a good qty of parts currently available.

After the search is complete there will be some suggested keywords. The word OEM is barely used, the most accurate way to would be to join the search with 純正.

As an extra helpful tip sorting the search results by bids: most first tends to show what is hot!