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HPI Cooling Campaign ~Sept 30

Hello from the RHDJapan Blog and welcome a great campaign to start off the Summer Season!! RHDJapan is proud to extend this Cooling Campaign from veteran tuning parts manufacturer HPI! From Intercooler, Radiators and Oil Coolers for vehicles specific to universal type and one-off custom applications HPI has many great cooling solutions available.

Discount applies to all the following niche cooling parts from HPI:


Weekend Specials Okuibuki Drift Edition ~April 26 08:30JST

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. Starting today and over the next 3 days the 2021 Season of #D1GP and #D1Lights will kick off at Okuibuki MotorPark. 

Despite the venues being closed to spectators we are lucky to have available live streaming coverage. Get all the #D1GPMovieChannel live streaming information on their official site

Live Stream will begin at 14:00JST for those who have joined official D1GP Movie Channel as Member
Live Stream will begin at 06:55JST for those who have joined official D1GP Movie Channel as Member
Live Stream will begin at 07:55JST for those who have joined official D1GP Movie Channel as Member

Many of event and team sponsors devoted to supporting the competition will be included within this batch of weekend specials!

ATS & Across 

BN Sports


Car Make T&E (Vertex)

Car Modify Wonder










GP Sports



Ignition Products

Kazama Auto

Koyo Radiator


MCR Factory



ORC (Ogura Clutch)

Origin Labo

OS Giken

Power Craft

Pro Composite


Project Mu

R31 House




RS Watanabe


Super Made

Swift-Tohatsu Springs



T.R.A. Kyoto




Work Wheels Japan

Works Bell


Weekend Specials ~May 25

Hello from the RHDJapan blogspot and crew. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the many people across the world who have extended warm wishes of safety and kindness to the RHDJapan team. We will continue to do our best to fulfill our customers requests with the best combination of service and pricing.
Both in and out your machine Use precaution around these speed bumps stay strong, stay tuned!

The following select companies will be included in this batch of Weekend Specials for an additional 6% discount until business resumes from Monday morning 9:00am JST.
78 Works
Arai Helmet
Ikeya Formula
Project Mu
SPOON Sports

Check the official RHDJapan Instagram page for special deal on OS Giken Close Gear Kits!


My Garage Newsletter Heads Up

Hello from the RHDJapan team. For those who have registered vehicle(s) in their garage now can see a complete custom website with only products specific to these vehicles. Who wants to see cool parts for other vehicles?  Very few want to see great parts that cannot be used on their application. In addition, we now have a monthly newsletter specifically for new products for these vehicles. Stay up to date with the newest releases for your machine(s).

If you have more than one vehicle registered please make sure to subscribe individually. The green envelope will show which vehicles are registered.

only CX-5 registered

both CX-5 and Harrier registered


APEXi Power Intake Filter Campaign ~Aug 30

Thank you for visiting the RHDJapan blog spot for more great campaign information. This campaign covers a wide variety of different applications and provides the most cost effective way to improve engine performance and efficiency on stock to light tune applications. RHDJapan is proud to extend an additional 20% discount on the whole lineup of stock replacement Power Intake Filters from APEXi


Some filters will be discontinued once sold out.


HPI Cooling Campaign ~Sept 27

Hello from the RHDJapan Blog and welcome to another great campaign to start off the Summer Season!! RHDJapan is proud to extend this Cooling Campaign from veteran tuning parts manufacturer HPI! Celebrating 15 years in the tuning scene HPI continues to use their know-how and experience to continually EVOLVE their products.

Whether it be an Intercooler Kit, Aluminum Radiator, Radiator Rescue or Oil Cooler that you are after, HPI has great quality parts for just about all popular JDM tuning machines. Feel free to browse through the HPI cooling section to see what great offers are available!


NeXT Spring Campaign ~Limited Offer

Project Mu Brake Pad Campaign ~June 14

APP Brake Line & SFIDA Pad Campaign ~June 28

SARD GT Wing Campaign ~June 28

APP HID Lighting Campaign ~June 29

Charity Campaigns

DIXCEL Relief Project

Save Japan Charity Jacket

Save Japan Charity Jacket w/ RHDJapan Patch


Year End Holiday Schedule

Hello and warm greetings from the RHDJapan blog spot. As the year of the Dragon comes to a close, we hope that 2012 has been prosperous, rewarding and memorable for each of you. Wishing more of the good and less of the bad for everyone as we enter the long awaited 2013!

Once again, many thanks to those who given us insight, input, inspiration and those who have continued to support RHDJapan!

It is that time of year in which the timing of orders is crucial when required for the Holiday Season. With the New Year being the biggest Holiday time in Japan and Tokyo Auto Salon being the most important event for many of the manufacturers lead-time to process orders may take longer than normal. For items that are  'made to order' may take more time than what is stated on our site. If you are in need for specific lead times, please feel free to create a test order and send it through the contact form. For orders on parts that are not made to order and required for Christmas, the last date for orders would be Dec 7 (9:00am JST).   Orders placed by the 10th of December should be delivered before the end of the year. Any orders placed after this date will most likely be delivered by Mid-January. These dates are not guarantees, they are only tentative. We will do our best to process all orders as quickly as possible and also keep customers updated with accurate information.

as the sun sets on the Dragon make sure to take care of those final things to properly finish off the year.

RHDJapan will be having our last Shipping day on the 25th of December and will resume back shipping on the 7th of January.


Coil Over Campaign ~Limited

Project Mu Double Up Campaign ~Dec 14

D-Max Big Aero Campaign ~Limited

TRD & FREEBIES Campaign ~Nov 28

Super Now Pre-Price Increase Sale ~Nov 30


Closing out Feb with the Works Campaign!

To both the long time and first visitors, welcome back to the RHDJapan Blog!
February has been a great month with a wide variety of different types of campaigns. Many of these campaigns have just recently started and will be ongoing while some will be closing out soon. There will be plenty more exciting campaigns to come so please stay posted!!
While the other campaigns are being prepped and finalized we are going to close out the rest of the month with a Works Campaign.

To go along with the ongoing Ralliart campaign

RHDJapan is going to extend a 6% discount on
the rest of the Works Manufacturers until Feb 28!!

This additional discount will be on accessories, apparel and any parts.

The Works Manufacturers are the absolute favorite top JDM brands of all-time!





along with
Suzuki Sport

Add anything from any of these legendary JDM Works Makers to your shopping cart to get a total shipped price to your location!
A ceux d'entre vous qui viennent de nous rejoindre, ainsi qu'à ceux qui sont nos visiteurs de la première heure, nous souhaitons la bienvenue sur notre blog!
Le mois de février a été jalonné d'une multitude de campagnes diverses et variées. Certaines de ces offres viennent juste de commencer et vont perdurer un moment alors que d'autres arrivent maintenant à terme.
Beaucoup d'autres campagnes sont en chemin, alors s'il vous plaît, restez fidèles au poste, ça va valoir le coup!!
Et alors que nous en finalisons les derniers préparatifs, nous allons terminer le mois de février en beauté avec une campagne portant sur les articles de la division sport des principaux fabricants de véhicules.

Ralliart est déjà dans la course.

RHDJapan ajoute 6% de réduction sur les autres marques jusqu'au 28 février!!
Cette réduction est applicable sur les accessoires, l'habillement, et n'importe quelle pièce.

L'ensemble de ces divisions sport sont regroupés sous l'appelation *Works Manufacturers*, et de tout temps ils ont regroupé les marques JDM les plus plébiscitées!!





ainsi que
Suzuki Sport

Ajoutez n'importe quel article d'une de ces marques de légende à votre Caddie pour obtenir un tarif incluant les frais de port jusqu'à chez vous!

A tutti voi, affezionati visitatori e nuovi visitatori del nostro blog, vi diamo un caloroso benvenuto!

Febbraio è stato davvero un ottimo mese con una grande varietà e disponibilità di molte offerte.
Molte di queste offerte sono appena iniziate e proseguiranno per parecchio tempo, mentre alte sono quasi al termine.
Ma non temete vi saranno molte altre offerte in arrivo quindi non dimenticate di visitare il nostro blog spesso!
Nel frattempo che in cui creando e finalizziamo le nuove offerte chiuderemo il mese di febbraio con questa offerta mirata ai produttori esclusivi per ogni marca di autovetture JDM.

Questo per accompagnare la grande offerta in corso di Ralliart

RHDJapan vi offre un aggiuntivo 6% di sconto su tutti i restanti produttori esclusivi fino al 28 Febbraio!!
Lo sconto aggiuntivo sarà valido per tutti gli accessori, abbigliamento e qualsiasi altra parte!

I produttori esclusivi sono assolutamente le migliori marche JDM di tutti i tempi!






Assieme a
Suzuki Sport

Aggiungi qualsiasi prodotto di questi leggendari produttori nel tuo carrello e consulta il totale comprensivo delle spedizione!

Per qualsiasi informazione contattate liberamente Amon in Italiano a questo indirizzo: support@rhdjapan.com

A presto con grandi nuove offerte dalla vostra affezionata RHDJapan!!


End of the year Freebie ARC Titanium Clock!!!

Add a picture of your ride to the  with its RHDJapan.com sticker and enter the raffle to win this New Titanium ARC Clock!!

The picture must be uploaded to the Facebook RHDJapan fan photo section to qualify.

Participation is open immediately and expires when Japan hits 2010.

ARC Titan Clock


2009 Winter Holiday Schedule

As we prepare for the winter holidays we would like to inform our customers that many of the manufacturers will be closed at the end of the year and the first couple days of the beginning of the New Year. Please expect up to a 1 week delay on the receipt of your items on orders placed in the last week of December.

RHDJapan.com will remain open and orders will continue to be processed and e-mails will still be attended to.

For the quickest response to any inquiries between the 18th and the 6th please e-mail us at rhdjapan@rhdjapan.com.

The last two shipping days of the year will be on the 21st & 28th, the normal shipping schedule will resume from the 4th of January.

Any requests for new parts from the 11th will be put in the roster and will be on hold until the 7th of January.

Wishing all of you a Happy Holiday Season!!