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All Parts Nagisa Auto Campaign ~2012

Welcome back to the RHDJapan blog! We are getting started a little early on the Holiday Season and will be introducing another big campaign that will be continuing on for the rest of the year! As 2011 winds down we will continue to roll out more great campaigns so please check back with the RHDJapan blog for more information.

This campaign will involve all parts from the great manufacturing shop Nagisa-Auto. Nagisa Auto is another great small sized shop that RHDJapan has been fortunate enough to work with for several years. While Nagisa is busy continually developing more Testing & Trying more HIGHQUALITY/REASONABLE parts RHDJapan has proudly helped them to get their high quality niche parts out to the corners of the globe.

In this campaign we will be offering a flat 7% discount on all Nagisa Auto parts listed on the RHDJapan site.

This includes The original Nagisa Arms/Rods/Ends , the niche Shakitto Plates along with the popular Hyper Roll Center Adapters!

With the continual development of new parts from Nagisa Auto and the RHDJapan team beingĀ  busy with other customer requests we have not been able to get up the whole catalog from Nagisa Auto.

Any requests forĀ  items from Nagisa Auto that are not already on the RHDJapan site the discount will be upped to 10% off our regular sales price!!

Please send any requests to support@rhdjapan.com with NAGISA Request in the subject.

Adjustable Stabilizer Links NEW Product!

Additional Gacchiri Support for Nissan

Additional Gacchiri Support for Toyota

Additional Gacchiri Support for Mazda

Additional Gacchiri Support for Honda

Reverse Mount Super Tie Rod Ends for EVO VI

More High Quality Arms related parts

Different Styles of Hooks

Oil Pan Guards

Stabilizer Links for Nissans

Ball Joint for Old-School applications

Lightweight Aluminum Pulley Sets

Low Down Camber Adapter

AE86 Specialty Parts

UEO Style AE86 Parts

Nagisa Auto Original stickers!

*Additional discounts will be applied when items are added to the shopping cart.

Clearance Items


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