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RHDJapan Summer Gift Chugen FREEBIES

Hello from the RHDJapan team, we are proud to announce FREEBIES Round 6 from the RHDJapan Blog. This special batch will be dedicated to the Japanese tradition of' 'Chugen'.

Right around mid-year it is tradition to give 'Chugen' to people that you have a close relationship with. Whether it be personal or professional the Summer Gift is a big part of culture here in JDM land.   Normally the gifts provided are high grade seasonal fruits, gourmet sweets, noodles for the summer such as Somen or a case of beer (Asahi preferred).
Despite not being able to meet directly with many of the customers we would like to close this gap a little bit and extend this

Here at RHDJapan we would like to do a special dedication to 'Chugen' for our customers with a fresh batch of FREEBIES!

As we are always striving to bring our customers the most value for money while also giving back to our many customers across the globe. Thank You!

Directions on how to get a FREEBIE included with your order:

1)Please share this blog on your Facebook wall.

2)Copy & Paste the title of the desired item below along with your currently processing order number to the thread on the 'Currently Available FREEBIES' RHDJapan wall (will be updated daily, please scroll to most recent post)

Now, let the fun begin!!

FREEBIE #1 : REIMAX Sticker Set  (10sets available)

FREEBIE #2 : Moon Face Sticker Set (1 set available)

FREEBIE # 3 : R-Magic Sticker Set (1 set available)

FREEBIE # 4 : Option2 DVD (1pc available)

FREEBIE #5 : Limited Edition TRUST Warning Meter Alarm Clock (1pc available)

FREEBIE #6 : HKS Mechanic Gloves (1set available)

FREEBIE #7 : NEXT Suzuka Trucker Hat (1 pc available)

FREEBIE #8 : K1 Planning DRIFT KING ECO-Bag (1pc available)

FREEBIE #9 : BEE-R Microfiber Hand Towel (2 pcs available)

FREEBIE #10 : SARD T-Shirt Keychain & Sticker Set (3 sets available)

FREEBIE #11 : Yashio Factory Sticker Set (2 pcs available)

FREEBIE #12 : Top Secret Gold Dog Tag & Sticker Set (1 set available)

FREEBIE #13 : Top Secret Smoky in Jail Keychain & Sticker Set (1 set available)

FREEBIE #14 : Bee-R 20th Anniversary Sticker Emblem (5 pcs available)

FREEBIE #15 : Tomei Fan (15 pcs available)

FREEBIE #16 : Carbing/OKUYAMA Sticker Set (5 sets available)

FREEBIE #17 : MSC Challenge 2012 Poster (7 pcs available)

FREEBIE #18 : D1GP Street Legal Super High Gloss 2012 Poster (4pcs available)

FREEBIE #19 : SARD Fuji GT GT500 Winning Poster (10pcs available)

FREEBIE #20 : SARD Carbon-Look Keychain & Sticker Set (7 sets available)

FREEBIE #21 : Option Magazine Big Sports Towel (2pcs available)

FREEBIE #22 : EXEDY Cell Phone Strap & Screen Cleaner (4pcs available)

FREEBIE #23 : SARD Metal Key Ring (5pcs available)

FREEBIE #24 : SARD Neck Lanyard (5pcs available)

FREEBIE #25 : Bee-R ECO Bag (2pcs available)

FREEBIE #26 : APP Stash Out bag (2 pcs available)

FREEBIE #27 : SARD Stainless Mug Cup (2pcs available)

FREEBIE #28 : ASIMO Mouse Pad (3pcs available)

FREEBIE #29 : Zero Sports Mini-Cutting Stickers (NM-K-S) (3pcs available)

FREEBIE #30 : STI NBR Challenge Champion Sticker Set 2011 & 2012 Set (3sets available)

FREEBIE #31 : TRUST D1GP Super Sound Scale Model (5pcs available)

FREEBIE #32 : HKS Evolution TRB-02 Choro-Q (10pcs available)

FREEBIE #33 : NEXT Suzuka T-Shirt Large (1pc available)

FREEBIE #34 : HKS Katakana T-Shirt Large (1pc available)

FREEBIE #35 : SARD Blue&Grey Wrist Band Set (3 sets available)

FREEBIE #36 : BIDJDM.com Special Credit JPY2000 (5 offers available)

only valid with minimum purchase of JPY10,000

FREEBIE #37 : APP D1GP S15 Silvia T-Shirt (2pcs in Small, 5pcs in XL)

*If the item is too large to fit within the box required for your order we will not be able to include the item for you.


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SARD Cooling Campaign ~August 30

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HPI Intercooler Campaign ~August 30

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