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Weekend Specials +2 days! ~Aug 17

Welcome to all viewers from across the globe to the RHDJapan weekly batch of weekend specials!

It has been a great pleasure for the RHDJapan team to help sponsor Garage Revolution with their podium finish is last weekend's WTAC and would like to congratulate them one more time!

RHDJapan.com along with the other sponsors that helped support Revolution on this historic journey down under.

In addition to the great performance the ARC sticker brought some unexpected good news!

Zero Sports announced their return and all items have just been relisted to the site.

From A-Z, it is great to hear that these great manufacturers will be back in action, welcome Back!

The Cucumber and Eggplant symbolize a Horse and Cow put out on the first day of the Obon holidays.

With the holiday in effect most manufacturers will be closed until the 16th and therefore this batch of Weekend Specials will extend an extra 2 days!

We will have 12 manufacturers in which all parts will be discounted an additional 6%

once added to the shopping cart!!

BBS Japan


Nagisa Auto / NAMS


Super Now


Top Secret


Works Bell

Yashio Factory

YR Advance

Zero Sports

RHDJapan Clearance Items

Fresh Campaigns

STI NBR Challenge Champions Campaign~Aug 25

Project Mu Domination Campaign~Aug 19

Revolution WTAC Podium Campaign~Sept 10

HKS Suspension Campaign ~Aug 30

SPOON Rigid Collar Campaign ~Sept 30

KTS Cooling & Handling Campaign~Aug 19

Other Great Campaigns with RHDJapan!

FREE Spark Plugs & 1/2 Off Suction Kit for SR20DET ~Aug 30

FREE TRUST Muffler Campaign SXE10~Aug 30

TRUST Power Up Campaign RB26 Limited Availability!!

HKS FREE Spark Plug Campaign ~August 24

TRUST Suspension Campaign ~Aug 30

SARD Blow Off Valve Campaign ~Aug 15

Extra Consolidation with HKS Muffler Campaign!!~Aug 30

TRUST Muffler Campaign ~August 30

TRUST Cooling Campaign ~August 30

Ralliart Discontinuation Sale! ~August 30

Mazda Festa Charity Goods Campaign Limited Availability

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