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Special Campaign: Boost Up for Swift Sport ZC33S ~Jan 30 08:30JST


Special Campaign: Boost Up JW5 S660 ~Jan 30 08:30JST


Tomei ARMS Twin-Scroll Turbine Campaign ~Dec 25

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog. With the changing of the seasons also comes new campaigns to finish off the last quarter of the year. This year is very special with the half century anniversary of one of the top names in JDM tuning performance, Tomei!

In celebration the purchase of the Twin-Scroll T380B Tomei Arms Turbo

Along with desired Tomei Turbo Suction Hose 

and get a 100% discount on the Suction Hose! 


TRUST GReddy UpGRade Campaign ~Sept 28

Thank you for checking out the RHDJapan blog. This post is dedicated to all the many different campaigns within the TRUST GReddy Up GRade Campaigns into one location.

Full Turbo Kit Campaign  - External Wastegate

Turbo & Profec Boost Controller Campaign - Actuator Type

DCT Oil Cooler Campaign - for R35

Sirius Series Meter Campaign (Limited Quantity)

Intercooler Campaign

Suspension Campaign


TRUST GReddy Actuator Turbine Kit & Profec Boost Controller Campaign ~Sept 28

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog and thank you for checking this special campaign. This campaign is for select TRUST/GReddy Turbo Kits and Boost Controller. To get the absolute best performance out of these turbos a boost controller is a requirement.

As part of this campaign the newest version of the legendary GReddy Profec will have a 100% discount applied to it when purchased in conjunction with any of the kits listed below:

T517Z 8.0CM - S14 S15

T517Z 10.0CM - S14 S15

T518Z 8.0CM - S14 S15

T518Z 10.0CM - S14 S15

T517Z 8.0CM - BNR32 BCNR33 BNR34

T517Z 10.0CM - BNR32 BCNR33 BNR34

T620Z - JZX100

coupon applied will provide discount at the checkout stage:



HKS Turbine Kit & Boost Controller Campaign ~March 30

Hello from the RHDJapan blogspot and greetings from the RHDJapan crew.

Here is a great campaign for those looking to go hard-tuned with the top tuning company HKS!

In this campaign, the newest HKS Boost Controller, the EVC 6 will be included with 100% discount

when purchased in conjunction with select HKS Turbine Kits!

Additional ongoing campaigns include the following:

HKS Coilover Suspension Campaign ~March 30

HKS Sports Catalyzer Campaign ~March 30

Exedy Clutch Kit Campaign ~March 30

TRUST GReddy Surge Tank RB26DETT ~Limited Qty

Apexi Air Filter Campaign ~March 30

TRUST GReddy Sirius Meter Campaign ~Limited Qty


HKS Turbo Kit & EVC Campaign ~March 30

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. Proud to announce another premium campaign from the godfather of JDM tuning, HKS. This campaign will provide further incentive for those looking to upgrade to one of the HKS Turbo Kits as each kit will come with a 100% discount on the newest version of the HKS Boost Controller!


FREE TRUST Muffler Campaign for SXE10 Altezza ~August 30

For those running the SXE10 Altezza and are satisfied overall with exception to the power output of the normally aspirated 3S-GE engine RHDJapan has a great campaign just for you!! Let's jump right in:

With the purchase of either the TRUST TD04 bolt-on Turbine kits

(TD04H 16T or TD04H 19T)

along with the optional TRUST Spec-V Intercooler kit

RHDJapan will include the Comfort Sports GTS Muffler for FREE!!

You will not need to add the muffler to the shopping cart or even pay any additional shipping for this item.

You can simply add the turbo kit and intercooler kit to your shopping cart, select DHL or FEDEX for your total shipped price from RHDJapan.
Examples provided below:

Australia in AUD

Italy in Euro

Canada in CAD



For any other optional parts that you would like to purchase along with these items, please inquiry with us before hand.

*Payment for this campaign must be made via bank transfer
**Shipment must be done for either FEDEX or DHL

Pour ceux d'entre vous qui sont derrière le volant d'une SXE10 Altezza, et qui bien sur, en sont globalement satisfaits à l'exception du manque de puissance récurrent inhérants aux moteurs 3S-GE, RRHDJapan a pensé à vous!! Et c'est juste ici :

Pour l'achat d'un turbine kit bolt-on TD04 de chez TRUST

(TD04H 16T ou bien TD04H 19T)

combiné avec l' Intercooler kit TRUST Spec-V

RHDJapan vous offre Le Muffler Comfort Sports GTS GRATUITEMENT!!

Vous n'aurez même pas besoin d'ajouter l'article à votre Caddie, ni même de payer de supplément de frais de port.

Vous pouvez simplement ajouter le turbo kit et l'intercooler kit à votre Caddie, selectionner DHL ou FedEx pour avoir le prix total frais de port inclus jusqu'à chez vous!
Voici quelques examples :

Australie en AUD

Italie en Euro

Canada en CAD



Pour tout ajout de pièce supplémentaires à votre commande, merci de nous contacter avec votre liste

*Pour qu'elle soit valable la commande devra être réglée au moyen d'un virement bancaire
**L'expédition doit être effectuée avec DHL ou FedEx uniquement

Per tutti coloro che posseggono Una Toyota Altezza SXE10 e sono generalmente soddisfatti con le prestazioni del motore aspirato 3S-GE RHDJapan ha appena completato una grande offerta disegnata esclusivamente per voi!
Senza perdere tempo, vediamola subito in dettaglio.

Con l'acquisto con qualsiasi kit turbo TD04 della Trust,
il TD04H 16T o il TD04H 19T)

Assieme all'opzionale kit Intercooler TRUST Spec-V

RHDJapan vi includerà Lo scarico Trust Comfort Sports GTS Muffler IN REGALO!!!

Non sarà necessario aggiungere lo scarico al vostro carrello, ed anche le spese di spedizione aggiuntive per lo scarico saranno in OMAGGIO.

E' sufficiente che aggiungete il turbo kit di vostra scelta assieme all'intercooler kit nel vostro carrello, selezionate FedEx o DHL come servizio di trasporto e potrete visualizzare il totale dell'offerta al vostro domicilio.

Eccovi un Esempio per la Spedizione in Italia in Euro:

Se volete aggiungere altre parti extra assieme a questa offerta, vi preghiamo di contattarci prima di effettuare l'ordine.

1. Solo il Pagamento via bonifico Bancario è acettato per questa offerta.
2. La spedizione può essere unicamente eseguita via FedEx o DHL

Le Nuove Offerte:
Offerta Alettoni SARD Scadenza 30 Luglio
Offerta su Parti di Serie OEM e acessori HONDA Scadenza 1 Luglio
Stock Manometri DEFI Link BF ultima possibilità Scadenza 15 Luglio

Le Offerte Ancora in corso:
Grandissima Offerta Tuning TRUST per RB26DETT! DISPONIBILITÀ LIMITATA!!
Offerta Raffreddamento TRUST GReedy Scadenza 30 Agosto
Offerta Scarichi TRUST GReddy Scadenza 30 Agosto
Offerta assetti TRUST GReddy Scadenza 30 Agosto
Grande Offerta! Candele HKS Gratuite Scadenza 24 Agosto
Offerte Freni APP! Scadenza 28 Luglio
Grande offerta Sugli Iniettori! Scadenza 30 Giugno
Offerta DEFI Advance! Scadenza 30 Giugno
Grande Svendita Assetti TEIN!! Scadenza 30 Giugno
Svendita RALLIART!! Scadenza 30 Giugno
Offerta Sistemi Raffreddamento SARD! Scadenza 29 Giugno

Per qualsiasi informazione contattate liberamente Amon in Italiano a questo indirizzo: support@rhdjapan.com

A presto con grandi nuove offerte dalla vostra affezionata RHDJapan!!