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New Release: TRUST GReddy Blow Off Valve FV2 – Black Alumite!

GReetings from the RHDJapan and thank you for checking our blog. The most recent FV2 BOV is now available in a sleek all Black model! A great alternative to the polished aluminum and blue alumite accent.



Hello from the RHDJapan team and thank you for checking out this special offer. As we move into the warmer more active seasons we have a nice little campaign for those after some serious TRUST/GReddy products. A standard item for just about any wardrobe lineup! With one of the most in depth lineups of tuning parts for a vast array of modern day sports vehicles many people can benefit and qualify for this FREEBIE!

The classic layout featuring GReddy logo is available as a FREE service with the purchase of select items from TRUST GReddy:


Turbo Kits

Muffler System

Manifolds & Headers

Performance Damper Kit

Intercooler Kit

Aluminum Radiator TW-R Series

Oil Cooler Kit

Transmission / Differential Oil Cooler Kit

Unfortunately *Only available in Japan size L

Japan large size is between M~L for western sizes, possibly a Small by Texas USA measurements)



HKS Turbine Kit & Boost Controller Campaign ~March 30

Hello from the RHDJapan blogspot and greetings from the RHDJapan crew.

Here is a great campaign for those looking to go hard-tuned with the top tuning company HKS!

In this campaign, the newest HKS Boost Controller, the EVC 6 will be included with 100% discount

when purchased in conjunction with select HKS Turbine Kits!

Additional ongoing campaigns include the following:

HKS Coilover Suspension Campaign ~March 30

HKS Sports Catalyzer Campaign ~March 30

Exedy Clutch Kit Campaign ~March 30

TRUST GReddy Surge Tank RB26DETT ~Limited Qty

Apexi Air Filter Campaign ~March 30

TRUST GReddy Sirius Meter Campaign ~Limited Qty


Win FREE Tickets to HKS Premium Day at Fuji Speedway

Thank you for checking out the RHDJapan Blog once again and special thanks to all who contacted us for the Tokyo Auto Salon 2018 tickets! With the great support from our customers across the globe we have luckily been able to get some extra tickets to the annual HKS Premium Day in Fuji Speedway!

Although we cannot cover your airplane tickets we may have you covered for entrance to this special event! If interested please contact us with the following information:
-address of your hotel/lodging along with the name or room number in which the reservation is under.
-total number of people
-phone number or other means of quick contact while in Japan


TRUST GReddy Metal Emblem Set FREEBIE Campaign

Many thanks for checking the RHDJapan blog. In the festive mood as we enter the cold months at the end of the year RHDJapan is proud to continue on with some more of our annual FREEBIES.


Get more JDM bling for the season with TRUST GReddy Aluminum emblem set!

We intend to have this offer ongoing until the end of the year however there is Limited Availability.

If stock is gone the message will disappear from the listing.



GReddy Mechanic Gloves ~Lucky Batch!

Welcome to RHDJapan's blog. Many thanks to those who have taken care of this campaign over the last couple months. We have found one last batch and we can extend the offer for a little bit longer!

In addition, we have expanded the sub-categories for applicable parts. This includs the following:

Front Pipes and Outlet Pipes

Intake Kits and Intake Boxes

Blow Off Valves

Throttle Bodies, Intake Plenums, Surge Tanks


Turbo Kits

Follow the link below to see all items that qualify:



Tomei Extra Stickers and Bonus Points Campaign ~Sept 30

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. Look for the Promo icon on select Tomei parts for some extra stickers and Bonus Points!


SARD Racing Blow Off Campaign!! ~Oct 15

Hello from Japan and the  RHDJapan crew!

Thank you for visiting once again our blog, and let's welcome a new great RHDJapan campaign for all of our dear clients!

This Campaign will introduce the Racing Blow Off Valve from the great tuning parts manufacturer SARD!!

The SARD Racing Blow Off Valve offer prime quality performance but with a price absolutely competitive compare to the other Aftermarket choices.

In this campaign RHDJapan will extend an additional 8% discount on all SARD Racing Blow Off Valve until the 15th of October!

*Additional discount will be applied once items are added to shopping cart.

Follow the links below and use the pin-point search function for finer tuned searches.
Add the items to your shopping cart to see the total shipped price to your location

- SARD Racing Blow Off Valve -

Other on-going campaigns:


BLITZ SE Intercooler Campaign ~Oct 15

TEIN Suspension Campaign ~Sept 27

Central 20 Cooling Bonnet Campaign ~Sept 28

Charity Campaigns

DIXCEL Relief Project

Save Japan Charity Jacket

Save Japan Charity Jacket w/ RHDJapan Patch



Blitz Compressor System Supercharger Kit Campaign!!

Additional 10% Discount (total 20% off of MSRP) off of all BLITZ SuperCharger Kits!!

Valid until Dec/31 2009 JST

 Coupon Code: BlitzCompressorKitCampaign