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Exedy Clutch Kit Campaign ~Aug 30

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. We are proud to announce another campaign ideal for the hot summer motorsports season. With the purchase of any full clutch kit RHDJapan will topping off the order with an additional 300 reward points 


Along with super high quality Exedy Muffler Towel!

Up to additional JPY8000 worth of reward points!



Exedy Clutch Kit Campaigns

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. Many of the clutch kits that are stock limited have been sold out. The remaining stock has been updated. Please act quickly to get the additional 50% or up to JPY90,000 further discount on MSRP pricing!

Super Campaign for select Hyper Series & Carbon Series Clutch Kits

Extra 10% discount on Ultra Fiber Clutch Kits and 6% further discount on all other Clutch Kits!


ORC Clutch Kit Campaign ~March 29

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. We are proud to announce another limited campaign with some extra savings on the whole lineup of ORC Clutch Kits!


All Exedy Campaign Information

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog. This post will provide an overview of all the Exedy campaigns along with one new ones. In addition to the ongoing campaigns for select Exedy clutches everything else will also now qualify for additional discounts!

Extra 10% discount on Ultra Fiber Clutch Kits

Up to 50% or JPY90,000 additional discount on Super Campaign for select Hyper Series & Carbon Series Clutch Kits


Exedy Single Sport Ultra Fiber Campaign ~March 29

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog and hope that 2017 has been well for all so far. In addition to the ongoing super campaign for other select limited availability Hyper Series Clutch kits RHDJapan is proud to announce more great offers from Exedy!

Exedy Headquarters located in Osaka!

This campaign is to introduce another special offer for Exedy clutches, in particular the

Single Sports Ultra Fiber Series

The whole lineup will have an additional 10% discount applied!

 Please use the contact form on the site to request any Ultra Fiber clutch Kit that is not already listed for the same offer!


Exedy Super Discount Campaign ~Limited Stock

Hello from the RHDJapan blog. This campaign is to introduce the annual EXEDY Clutch Kit blow out campaign! Available on a couple select popular tuning engines and mostly Hyper Single Clutch Kits with a couple Carbon Series as well.

Up to 50% off MSRP! Up to JPY90,000 of MSRP!
Very Limited Availability!







Exedy Tokyo Auto Salon Campaign ~Jan 16

Thank you for checking the RHDJapan blog! Kicking off each year starts with the excitement of the Tokyo Auto Salon!  This years event will be taking place from January 13~15th.

Due to event some manufacturers will not be at full speed with parts orders until after the Salon has finished

RHDJapan will be extending a special campaign to select manufacturers that work relentlessly to make the Tokyo Auto Salon the absolute best event dedicated to the JDM enthusiasts year in and year out! This blog listing is to introduce TAS Exhibitor Exedy:

Other Tokyo Auto Salon Specials:

















HKS Clutch Campaign ~2017

Thank you for checking out the RHDJapan blog. For the rest of the year RHDJapan will be providing extra Reward Bonus Points on the purchase of any Clutch Kit from HKS!

RHDJapan points system is very generous and the extra points will be added on top of normal points accumulated.  This will provide a discount of up to JPY7955 on your following order!


Exedy Pre-Price Increase Campaign

Hello from the RHDJapan Blog and team! Seasons Greetings to all.  We have just received word that there will be a price update from Exedy on several items within the  lineup starting from the beginning of the New Year.

Although many will increase between JPY5000 and JPY20,000 some select clutches will jump up JPY30,000 (over 20%) on the sticker price!! With lots of fluctuation in exchange rates, costs of materials, lot production and many other uncontrollable factors Exedy has decided to make the change from the beginning of the year.

Although the pricing increase is out of our control RHDJapan is giving a fair heads up to the Exedy fans and would also like to extend a little extra incentive for those who are willing to place their order before the end of the year.

RHDJapan will extend an additional  7% discount on the whole Exedy lineup until no longer available, check the site and look for the Big Sale Button! Timers will start once the offer has 3 days left.


Autumn Battle of the Clutches Campaign ~Oct 31

Welcome to the RHDJapan blog! Along with improved shipping rates worldwide refined prices on items throughout the whole website RHDJapan is also very excited to offer the biggest discounts ever on long favored clutches by Exedy and OS Giken! From street and light tuning to the most demanding engines having the proper clutch kit is an essential part of tuning. With these manufactures vast lineups there will be something available for just about all popular JDM engines and driving applications! For those who already have the clutch that they favor from these manufacturers please note that all Overhaul/Rebuild parts will also qualify for this discount!

Click on either of the images below to be directed to the newly revamped pinpoint search to filter through all products from these legendary JDM manufacturers!

Many campaigns are very limited however his campaign will be ongoing for over a month which should be enough time to consider options, shop around, etc and then come back to RHDJapan

whatever you choose to do just don't get caught slippin'

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